THREE POEMS by William Thompson

The Redemption: Sunny Days

Today is my bright sunny day
from whence does my sunshine come
Is it from some shiney tiara
from a gambling ladys golden crown

But you are not the casino snowqueen
In Ontarios frozen tundra breeze
Youve always been an angel in the snow
Its your halo that brings my sunshine to me

her wooly hood is her tiara
Her royal gowns a pair of jeans
As she plays all the courtly jesters
Wink and say "god save the queen"

She accepts every offered token
from each jester she has found
And when she hits a jackpot
one lucky jester takes the snow queen home

Now she wasnt always this wild snowqueen
Whose laughter fills the gambling place
No once she was an ice princess
filled with style and filled with grace

Adminred throughout both Niagaras
Boys begged her just to share her kiss
She outshined the falls itself
The lovely maid of the rainbows mist

With childlike anticipation
she gave the winter its special glow
No snowqueen of the tundra gambling
was this lovely angel in the snow

Going to Japan

(I left on a Sunday, when I arrived it was almost Tuesday
--Where oh where did Monday Go?)

Silver Wings crossed over the dateline
High above blue waves and brine
Speeding somewhere with indifference
In this silly game that we call time

I didn't notice missing Monday
I missed not one single minute
Would have been just another day
Another lonely day without you in it

So I flew on to the Asian shores
Where I just bowed and made some funny grins
Cause I didn't understand barely a word
Then I flew back home again

Flying Home
Two Saturdays to home, too many days, and extra one to miss you

Getting Home
Ah! I know why I will miss Mondays from now on!

* * *

Its between me and ATT, If you don't mind

It is cheaper than therapy
its less expensive than pills
when I hear your voice
It damn near cures all my ills

doctors arent socialized in
our good ole US of A
whatever medicine we have to take
ole number one has to pay
The shrink cost two dollars a minute
Each pill three dollars or four
Your voice just costs pennies
But it is worth so very much more

Your voice makes breathing come easy
It brings my cholesterol down
Honey you calm all of my nerves
you make my heart beat strong

Hilary's health plans are contentious
the politicians cant seem to agree
But our national crisis would be solved
If everyone could just talk with Honee

Lucky me....oh deposit another....poem

...William Thompson writes from Las Vegas, Nevada. He teaches at UNLV.